Faye: Mom? I just keep thinking about Cassie’s grandma. And then, I keep thinking about grandpa,and now, they’re both gone. 

You're probably super busy with requests after the last episode, but I thought I'd ask anyways. Could you gif the scene where Adam confronts the hockey team member about playing Faye and Melissa and then punches the guy out?

yeah of course,i will post one post in one minute and tomorrow or monday i will do another haha … thank you for the request.

can you make a gif of when jake comes down the stairs while cassie and adam are there? :)

yes of course, I will post later ok?

Hi! So i don't no if you have already done it, but if you haven't i was wondering if you could do a gif of Faye in 1X06 saying" I was a kid then, now i'm a wicked witch! Thanks anyway, and I love your blog!!

was not me who made ​​the gif because I deleted this episode. :(