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Do you have a gif of Phoebe Tonkin? The Secret Circle Episode 22. Faye saying "Oh I am so back." at the ferryboat. PLEEEAAASSSSEEEE make one. Thank you so muuuuch!

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It was a year ago today that The Secret Circle’s series finale aired on The CW. And while 365 days have passed, we have not forgotten the circle. Please join us in honoring one of the series’ best episodes, and remembering the world of possibilities the season finale left us with. Here’s a number of ways to relive the magic with us:

Check in to TSC’s GetGlue page starting at 8pm ET on Friday, May 10th here

Be sure to tweet with Save the Circle on Twitter (@savethecircle) between the hours of 9 pm and 12 am ET and use the hash tag #SecretCircle

Be sure to watch The Secret Circle’s finale episode “Family” on Netflix OR at any of the following places:

1. Link 1

2. Link 2

3. Link 3


You’re a witch. You’re a full-blooded, 100% witch. We all are.

Favorite female characters → Melissa Glaser (The Secret Circle)
I thought having magic was supposed to be.. magical?

I still remember everything, I still love him. But he doesn’t love me.